10 Instagram Metrics You Must Track in 2024

10 Instagram Metrics You Must Track in 2024

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Sheetal Singh

Tracking Instagram is one of the most popular social media tools. It offers enormous opportunities to brands, influencers, creators, and even individuals to make loyal followers and promote products, services and ideas. However, to leverage the facility of the social media platform, you require a proper strategy.

Thus, it becomes essential to track instagram metrics to understand the network algorithm, improve content strategy, target the right audience, and evaluate the success of your social media marketing goal.

But, sometimes, it seems difficult to recognise which insights you should focus on. Don't worry, as we have covered you with the essential instagram metrics.

List of Top 10 Instagram Metrics

#1. Reach

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Reach is one of the most fundamental insights in the Instagram account tracker. It allows the social media or instagram marketers to know how many people have viewed the post or media content in the discover tab, feed, tagged posts, location, or hashtag search regardless of the number of times they viewed it.

For Example, if any instagram post's reach metric shows 197, it means 197 people have seen the post.

#2. Impressions

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Often confused with reach, impressions are a vastly used terminology in social media insights. It identifies how your social post is working with the audience. Instagram impressions insights show the number of times the post was seen, including multiple views by the same user.

For Example, the same instagram post with 197 reach has 273 impressions. It means out of those 197 people, some have viewed this post multiple times.

#3. Engagement


After learning the reach and impressions, you might be curious to know how your audience engages with the post. The engagement metric of instagram shows the number of unique accounts integrated with your post through likes, comments, shares and saves. The number calculates one if the same person liked, commented and shared the post.

For Example, if a post has engaged account 38, including 34 likes, 6 shares, 2 comments, and 1 save, it means 38 unique people have interacted with your post somehow.

#4. Follower Growth


Checking follower growth is one of the crucial parts of instagram strategy marketing. It lets you know how many followers you have gained over time or with the help of some particular post.

You must check these insights to understand how effectively you're reaching towards achieving your minimum follower goal in a fixed time.

#5 Traffic

Traffic is a goal-oriented insight. It lets you understand how instagram marketing is contributing positively to bringing traffic to the website. To track traffic insights from instagram, you can use UTM code links on instagram. Instagram only offers one spot to provide clickable links, i.e., in its bio.

Google Analytics can track the UTM links, through which you can get insight into how many visitors you have received because of Instagram.

#6 Sale

You're investing in social media presence and branding, which must be associated with the sale and generating the income. Tracking sales through instagram can be tricky.

However, with proper strategy, by creating exclusive landing pages using UTM codes and promotion codes, you can get insights into instagram sales.

#7 Saves

The number of saves shows how creative, unique, and valuable your post is for the audience. Meta algorithm supports and boosts content with a high number of saves to the unique audience.

A good number of post saves also encourages your instagram team to continue making quality content.


Shares are another important metric, which doesn't only talk about content quality but gives you exposure to a new audience with the help of your loyal audience. Instagram post sharing has the potential to get your content viral and generate a number of impressions and reach.

However, whenever you generate shareable content, give special attention to ethics, social sentiments, and originality.

#9. Instagram Stories views

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Instagram story is one of the most used features. The feature lets you interact with your audience with minimal content. You can put polls, quizzes, previous posts, or reels over the story section to stay in your audience's mind.

However, tracking Instagram stories' views is essential. It helps navigate your loyal followers and reminds your audience about your existence. It'sKeeping your story short, crisp, and entertaining is always advisable.

#10. Instagram Reels engagement

reel management.jpg

The reel is a highly recommended feature of instagram to improve the overall engagement of your instagram account. Whether it's a business page or an individual account, reel helps in boosting the instagram reach, impressions, profile visibility etc. The reel also holds much potential for getting shared.

Thus, measuring Instagram reel engagement is crucial to learn about the number of people who interact with your Instagram reel through likes, comments, shares, and saves, how much time they're spending on your reel, and how they visit your profile.

Getting these instagram insights will help determine ROI, gaps in your content, and strategise your social media campaigns more effectively.


Now that you know how important it is to give attention to your instagram insights, you must think about how to do so effectively.

Since Instagram offers an insight check option, you can do it through in-app,, but it can be puzzling if you do this for multiple posts.

CloudSocial is a social media management tool that helps you gain insights into multiple social media accounts for various brands/clients in one place in an organised order.

You can avail of the CloudSocial first month free trial to organise and manage all your social media-related activities.

FAQs Related Instagram Metrics

1. What are the key metrics of Instagram? To get the proper insights of instagram, the key metrics includes:

  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Follower growth
  • Traffic
  • Sales
  • Saves
  • Shares
  • Stories views
  • Reels engagement

2. What is the most important KPI for Instagram?

KPI stands for key performance indicators. For instagram the key metrics are reach, impressions, engagement, follower growth, traffic, sales, saves, shares, stories views, and reels engagement.

3. What are the 4 metrics used to track and analyse their social media insights?

Reach, Impressions, engagement, follower growth are 4 major metrics to track and analyse the social media activities.

4. What is the good impression rate on instagram?

Good Impression rate for an Instagram post and account varies depending on number of followers. As a recognized brand with 500K followers can receive higher impressions than an instagram account with 500 followers.

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