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Stepwise Guide to Create a Social Media Posting Calendar 

Creating a social media posting calendar well in advance can be a great habit. It will make sure you share quality posts on social media and enjoy watching improving performance charts on social media monitoring tools

Thus, to help you, in this blog post, we will share a guide for creating a social media schedule effectively:

 1. Analyze Current Accounts 

To devise an effective strategy, you need to know the following:
  • Types of posts going on social media
  • Results achieved
  • Objectives to be achieved

All these can be performed by using social media monitoring tools or manually with a thorough social audit.

2. Competitor Analysis

Social listening to your brand and competitors is necessary. Try to figure out:
  • What your competitors are posting?
  • What kind of engagement are they receiving?
  • How frequently they post?

All this information can be collected using a social media scheduler with the social listening feature or social media monitoring tools.

3. Define What You Will Post

Before getting into the action, you need to know what the plan is. Thus, before grabbing the best social media post scheduler, you must begin with defining what types of posts you will publish. The marketing standard is as below:

  • Apply 80:20 Rule: 80% of posts must be informative and 20% of posts can be promotional.
  • Social media posts must be made of posts that drive conversions, educate users with curated content, and increase engagement.

4. Decide the Frequency of Posts

There is no predefined rule for post frequency. You can decide based on your industry. Information about competitors collected using social media monitoring tools can also be very useful here to decide the frequency of posting. Generally, businesses post a minimum of four posts per week.

5. Decide Time for Posting

The benefit of using social media post scheduler is that you can schedule the posts in advance for the time when your audience will be online and you are more likely to get traction. According to one of the leading social media schedulers, here is the list of right times for posting on major social media platforms:


LinkedIn: Wednesday, 7:45 AM or 10:45 AM
Twitter: Monday or Thursday, 9 AM to 4 PM
Facebook: Tuesday to Thursday, 9 AM to 2 PM


LinkedIn: Monday or Wednesday, 12:45 PM or 5:45 PM
Twitter: Monday to Wednesday, 12 PM or 1 PM
Facebook: Monday to Wednesday, 12 PM

You can do some research by checking major social media post scheduler tools and their suggestions to choose the right time as per the geographical target.


Following this guide has already done half of the job. Now, you just need to curate post content and make some with creative writing and create your final social media posting calendar.

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