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5 Social Media Content Ideas To Add-on Into Your Strategy

Having an impressive social media marketing strategy is a significant thing to build awareness and drive traffic towards your business. A good strategy is what makes your brand stand out in these competitive times. If you are trying to sell a product or service, it helps you to market it strategically and track the metrics to examine the results. 

But, how do you do that? How do you find out of the box ideas for a good strategy? We know it is hard to shortlist the best content ideas when you know the possibilities are endless. So, we’re here to help you with this. 

In this blog, we’re going to share 5 amazing social media content ideas that you must include in your strategy to skyrocket your business.  

1. Create Video Content 

As per the growing trends, audiences prefer more video content across social media networks. Also, they are likely to share videos more than any other kind of social media content. 

Users can share video content on every major social media channel through direct posts or through IGTV or Reels options on Instagram. 

Brands don’t need an expert or professional to create a video and share it. Users are more willing to share videos that capture their interests and passions and teach them a new thing. 

You can also tap a range of filters & features on social media platforms to make your videos stand out from others. 

2. Go on with Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is a great concept to attract an audience towards your business. Social media influencers could be anyone who has the potential to influence the buying decisions of their audience. These days many people with decent followers like 10k or more are actively doing influencer marketing for brands. 

As a brand, you can collaborate with these influencers to promote your product in the way you want, while paying them something in return. 

The payment could be a product/service trade, a fixed amount, or an affiliate agreement, which depends on the influencer. 

3. Publish User Generated Content 

The content produced by your loyal customers is highly valuable. It can help you build your brand’s reputation and credibility. In addition, it attracts new customers towards your brand without giving a sales pitch. 

To get more of UGC, you can encourage your customers to give you a review on social media channels, use a branded hashtag, or tag you in their photos/videos. 

4. Repurpose your content for different platforms

When you have a great piece of content, why use it only once? You can repurpose your content and share it on different social media platforms to boost your engagement. It helps you to save your time and reach varying audiences across social media channels. For repurposing content, you can:

  • Convert a blog post into a social media infographic/carousel post 
  • You can create several tweets out of a blog post
  • Share important facts from a white paper or article into a series of posts
  • Create GIFs out of long videos

5. Share Company Information

When you want to do something different and yet authentic, it is a great idea to share your company news on your social media profiles. While no one wants an endless bragging of your business, it never hurts to have a combination of press releases, whitepapers, and other stuff. 

Your followers are going to love it to see the current position of your business and how you are planning to make it grow further. You can post a new product/feature launch, a hiring update, an anniversary celebration, or anything that excites your audience and grabs eyeballs towards your profile.

We hope you’d try out these ideas and incorporate them into your social media marketing strategy. These ideas have proven to show great results for brands who have been using them for a while and trust us they WORK.  

Stay tuned for more great stuff!

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