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 5 Reasons Why Managing Multiple Social Media is a Hassle

Whether you are maintaining your own company’s social media tools or you doing it on behalf of a client, managing multiple social accounts is not an easy task. It is not just about posting the content but tracking the responses and reciprocating to the engagement is what counts. And that is where we fail to deliver.

Social media channels are dynamic by nature and, before you know it, your post might get viral. But failing to give a timely response might cost you a lot. That is why you need to stay virtually active 24/7 tracking down the comments and the responses. But we all know, that is something not humanly possible. There are many social media scheduling tools which you can purchase, but in the meantime let us review the reasons why

Chances of Missed Notifications

When you are managing more than two social media accounts it is highly probable that you will miss some notifications. Failing to acknowledge these notifications can be fatal. However, in a social media spectrum more often than not the companies fail to respond to such crucial notifications resulting in the loss of potential business. This usually does not happen if you have a proper social media tool for marketing.

It is Time Consuming

Managing multiple social media accounts is a time consuming affair. If done manually, it can take an entire day to post the same content again and again on various social channels. Also the risk of human error persists, in such situations. One can easily miss out on positing on specific group or a page thereby incurring potential loss to the business.

Many Misdirected Social Postings

Manual social media management involves many recurring activities. This kind of bulk posting is quite insensitive to the needs to the target audience. The lack of knowledge about the demographics makes the process not only time consuming but also worthless, in the long run.

Too Much Cost Incurring

The cost of handling multiple social media accounts is immense. Whether you hire a dedicated social media manager or purchase a customized social media management tool it will definitely add to your overhead. Moreover, if your social media posts fail to reach the potential clients then you are less likely to get the return on your investments.

Lost Track

The main problem with handling multiple social media channels is that you will bound to lose track of your engagements. That is something a corporate brand cannot afford to incur. It is always a good sign when people are commenting on your posts. However, if you miss the opportunity of replying back then the potential client might lose interest in your product. Internet is a very savage forest and you have to be vigilant enough to track down your target.

However, a good and reliable social media scheduling tool will help you get rid of all these problems.

At Cloud Social we offer the most affordable social media tool with single-point platform allowing you the facility of instant-positing and also scheduling the post through all your social media channels. We offer a single inbox for getting multi-channel notifications and options to respond to them accordingly.

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