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What You Must Know About Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites. From celebrities to teenagers, everyone uses it to share pictures, videos, and stories. Moreover, it is one of those platforms that can help you increase organic followers. According to the best social media management tools, great content can easily increase Instagram followers. 

To increase your Instagram account followers, you need to know some important things about them. Knowing this will not only help in increasing Insta followers, but it will also help in retaining the existing followers.

1. Always Respond to the Mentions

  • You can get tagged on Instagram by your followers or other users. Responding to the tagged picture or video can help you get more traction for your profile. If you get a lot of tags, then you can use social media management tools to focus on important tags, which need to be responded. 
  • Your Instagram profile may also get comments and likes or reactions. You should always respond to the comments or leave a reaction for each comment to show you value your audience.

2. Know the Right Time to Post on Instagram

  • Any social media platform has the right time to post on it and Instagram, too, has it. 
  • According to one of the leading social media management tools, the right time to post for one business brand might not be the right time to post for another one. It means, you have to identify when is the right time to post on Instagram, so you can get maximum reach and engagement.
  • To identify the right time to post on Instagram, you need to find two things: 
    • At what time your followers get online typically?
    • At what time your majority of followers engage with your posts?
  • You can use the social media management tools here to find out the answer to both questions.
  • If you are new to Instagram, then you can use the social listening feature available in the best social media management tools. Use it to examine the performance of your competitors. Check at what time your competitors post on Instagram and when they get the maximum engagement on the post?

3. Post What your Followers like to Engage With

  • Knowing what to post is as important as knowing when to post. Even if you post at the time when 100% of your followers and target audiences are active on Instagram, if your posts fail to spread the magic, you will fail, too.
  • Knowing what your current and targeted followers are found of is necessary. Here also a social listening feature of social media management tools can help. You can see what your competitors are doing or what is trending in your industry.
  • Using the right tone and words in the post, getting the best quality of graphics or video is necessary.
  • You should also use all hashtags that your followers and targeted audiences use.

Knowing your followers will help you create content that can get better engagement and returns from your Instagram marketing efforts.

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