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 What Is the Right Time to Tweet on Twitter?

The job of a social media marketer may look fun as they spend their whole day on social media platforms, but there is another side of the coin. They have to manage multiple social media accounts and need to work on different complex aspects. One of them is to the right time to post.

Why Care for Posting at the Right Time? 

  • If you post on any of the social networking sites at the right time, you can receive maximum reach, engagement, and goal conversion.
  • Different social media platforms can have different right times.

In this blog, we are going to share more details about the right time to tweet using your social media marketing tool or directly. There are different aspects to consider identifying the right time to post on Twitter. Let’s talk about the major aspects.

1. General Rule of Twitter Marketing

  • According to the survey result shared by the major social media management tools, the best time to tweet is from 8 AM to 10 AM and from 6 PM to 9 PM.
  • If you have a wholesale business, then you should post the most important content during weekends. 
  • If you have a retail business, then you can receive a better engagement during weekdays.

2. Nature of Business

  • If we become more specific about the rules of posting on Twitter to get the best results, marketers should focus on the type of your business.
  • The B2B businesses should tweet from Monday to Friday and from 9 AM to 4 PM of the weekday. As Twitter receives millions of tweets every second, it is necessary to tweet in more quantity without hampering the quality. Using a reliable social media marketing tool can help you in scheduling the tweets. Scheduled tweets will reach on time, even if your social media marketer is not available or tied up in a meeting.
  • The B2C business must tweet from 9 to 11 am on weekends to get the best reach and engagement. During weekdays, the B2C businesses can post on Twitter from 12 PM to 1 PM.

3. Social Listening

  • All businesses are different. Devising a meticulous Twitter marketing strategy can help in increasing goal conversion from your tweets sent directly or using any of the social media management tools.
  • One very effective way of finding the right time to tweet is taking decisions based on concrete data. The right time to post on Twitter would be the time when your targeted audiences are online and engaging with the content. This can be identified with social listening.
  • You must use the right social media marketing tool for social listening. It will give insightful data about the right time to post on Twitter. Even if you are new on Twitter and do not have enough data to make decisions, social media management tools can let you monitor the engagement of your competitors and other big brands.
  • Based on the collected data, you can decide the right time to tweet, so you can receive maximum engagement.

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