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 The Importance of Audience Targeting in Social Media Marketing

Marketing has evolved over the years from being a predominantly outbound model to being predominantly inbound. The reason for this the fact that consumers are now more in control of the content they consume. This has presented the modern-day marketer with the challenge of getting their message to reach the right audience at the right time (not forgetting the right platform).

That’s where audience targeting comes in.

What is Audience Targeting? 

A target audience is a group of people with certain demographics and defined by particular online behavioral traits. Audience targeting is, therefore, the process of segmenting your social media audience into smaller groups according to the said demographics, behavior, and interests.

Through the use of data analysis, you gain the ability to zero in on your ideal customer (audience targeting) with laser precision. The result is posts and ads that are more effective, thanks to a perfectly tailored message paired to the right platforms.

Why is Audience Targeting Important - 3 Profitable Reasons

As a social media marketer, you’ve probably realized that the spray and pray method of posting content and ads is not very effective. In order to increase the impact of your efforts on social media, you need to focus on a particular audience. You need to employ audience targeting. Here are 3 reasons why this is important:

1. Reach the Right People

One of the biggest challenges of marketing, particularly on social media, is reaching the right people with your message. Most social media ads go out to a large pool of prospects, thereby focusing on quantity. With audience targeting, you can narrow down that pool and target quality prospects. These are the people who are more likely to buy your product/services.

2. Increases Conversions

In a perfect world, every person who sees your social media post or ad should convert. However, we don’t live in a perfect world. That being said, it is possible to create a near-perfect environment for your ads - by sending them to a targeted audience. Because your ads are being seen by interested people, it is more likely they will convert.

3. Boosts Your ROI

Tired of low ROI on your social media campaigns?
Then you need to implement audience targeting in your strategy. By improving your targeting and reaching the right people, your social media marketing ROI improves due to:
  • Reaching the right prospects. By ensuring that your message is hyper-targeted, you reach the right people - people who are ready to engage with your brand. As a result, you sell more.
  • Saving on ad spend. Every time your ad is seen by someone who isn’t interested in your offer you lose money. Audience targeting helps you reduce such waste and, ultimately, results in increased ROI.

Audience targeting has helped boost the revenue of many a business, both large and small.

How to Do Audience Targeting - The Right Way

So how can you successfully target the right audience?

One thing you’ll need to know is that audience targeting requires a lot of data mining and analyzing if you’re to pull it off well. This is why you need to leverage tools that can do this for you quickly and efficiently. One such tool is Cloud Social. With a powerful analytics engine and the ability to connect to over 5 social media channels, Cloud Social gives you more control of your social media marketing.
So go ahead and give audience targeting a try. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

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