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 The Future of Social Media Engagements and Interactions

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even emerging ones like Snapchat increase accessibility and reach to people. Also, the professional ones such as LinkedIn let you engage with different interacting activities to connect with other professionals and businesses all over the internet.

From purchasing products to marketing services, from connecting to new acquaintances to sharing experiences with the closest friends, all of these can be linked with a single exclusive platform, and that is Social Media. Further, social media assist in following the latest trends and occurrences across the world. It even keeps track of the entertainment space, activities of the favorite celebrities, people playing online multiplayer games to following news as well as sports.

Why is Engagement Imperative in Social Media?

As we discussed above, social media platforms are a source of everything that a person needs to satisfy his day to day requirements. Engagement of the online traffic is what a social media network aims at the building. Once the right section of the audience has been engaged over a particular topic or product, that commodity enjoys a lot of online visibility, and hence its goodwill inflates.

From the current internet population of 3.2 billion, Facebook alone takes a major chunk boasting an average of roughly 2 billion monthly users. Combining all other social media handles, an average adult is engaged in these networks for around 2 hours 22 minutes daily. Social media has delivered a deep-seated impact on our lives, and it is here to stay.

Increasing Engagement through Social Media

Social media platforms have brilliant data analytics teams at their disposal, and they are instrumental in boosting engagements across the audience base. They do this by analyzing a customer’s browser history by cookies and thereby showing related advertisements as well as luring them with engaging visual content.

Further, they even collaborate with major influencers who ought to have an impact on how familiar people think. Hence, social media deploys effective and efficient ways to create engagement as well as always works on augmenting the same.

Generating Leads and Increasing Engagements

As social media platforms possess partial data access of their current users, their specifications, desires, likes, and interaction touch points can be predicted. Thus, leads can be generated effortlessly, just by matching the like-minded with their equivalents.

Direct messaging and even taking the help of the popular sister app Messenger has also seen social media networks like Facebook boost their engagement to new heights. ‘Story’ is a very fresh feature, conceptualized by Instagram and also available on Facebook as well as WhatsApp. The views reached through a story that can be monitored, and hence, it is an exceedingly novel idea to build engagement.
All these features offer the users with the ease to browse through the activities of their acquaintances and friends swiftly. These activities can be done on the go, without spending a lot of time on the actual feed.

Augmented Reality, Chatbots, and Live Videos

Synchronizing social media networks and their activities on different platforms with cutting edge technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) constructs the precise ambiance. Chatbots that interact with users and Live Videos that are used to capture the attention of a prospective customer are bound to increase social media engagements in the coming time.

Key Takeaways

The advancements in technology and predicting the social media engagements in future are to be an elaborated chapter of significant magnitude. They will thrive on the newest business innovations and even use the age-old, tried as well as tested methods.

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