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 Stepwise Guide to Create Effective Social Media Schedule

Social media platforms are giving a real business to companies. Thus, keeping business active on different social networking platforms is necessary for companies. To receive more engagement and higher benefits, social media experts need to follow a strategic schedule of posting. Social media posting can be performed in two ways:

  1. Manual or
  2. Automated

Manual social media scheduling includes the use of excel, word document, or similar tools and manual posting. This is a very tedious and time consuming process.

On the other hand, the automated process incorporates the use of social media post scheduler, which provides multiple benefits along with saving resources.

We recommend using a reliable social media management tool. Follow the below-mentioned step-wise guide to increase engagement and receive a plethora of benefits from social media marketing:

1. Define Goals

The first step is to define the goals. It means what you want in return from these efforts. Here goals can be any of the following:

  • Generating sales
  • Increasing engagement
  • Boosting brand image
  • And more

2. Select the Best Social Media Management Tool

There are multiple choices available to choose from, so be cautious while selecting a social media scheduler. Here is the list of vital features needed in this tool:

  • Advance scheduling
  • Social listening
  • Custom social media scheduling options
  • Analytics and
  • Reports

3. Choose the Right Social Media Platform

  •  Instead of posting on all social networking sites with a hope one of it will generate results, choose one or few most profitable sites. For example, LinkedIn can give excellent results to someone selling mobile app development. However, a retail business owner can make more from Facebook marking.
  • Select platforms for marketing cautiously and concentrate on them to increase returns.

4. Identify the Right Time to Post

One of the advantages of using a social media post scheduler tool is you can choose the right time to reach the audience. You will not need to be on your toes to publish a post. One of the important tips of effective social media scheduling is to choose the right time to post. Here are some tips:

  •  Post as per the reach-rate. Hours when you get maximum reach or
  •  As per the geographical time zone. Hours when people are active on social media sites

5. Identify the Frequency of Posting

  • Remember, each social networking platform is different as well as each industry is different. Thus, identifying the right frequency for a specific platform is necessary
  • As per some of the social media management tool, post one or two posts per day at a minimum. However, this varies from platform to platform. For example, Twitter and Instagram need more posts per day compared to a LinkedIn company page or Facebook company page.

These are the 5 steps to follow to create a more effective social media schedule. Most of these steps are simplified by social media scheduling tools. Therefore, make sure you choose the right social media scheduler to maximize benefits.

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