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 Stepwise Guide to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing strategy means devising an outline with all details related to reaching prospects and customers. This strategy must contain all details related to different activities to be used for marketing on each social media marketing platform.

In this blog post, we will share how to devise a result-oriented social media marketing strategy in a stepwise guide:

1. Identify SMART Goals

To achieve tangible ROI from your efforts invested in social media marketing platforms, you need to have predefined goals. Defining SMART goals can be very beneficial for your brand. Here SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Here is the list of SMART goals you can target to achieve:

  • More website visitors
  • Increased lead generation
  • Boosted sales
  • Excellent customer experience
  • Boosted brand positioning
  • You must target multiple goals to receive better ROI. 

    2. Learn from Your Successful Competitors

    If you notice higher engagement on any of the social media marketing platforms of your competitor, you must investigate what is working well for them. This is very easy by using social media listening tool.

    These tools let you save time and research better on your competitors. The process of research using social media listening tools is called social media listening. It lets you identify what works the best for your competitors, so you can adopt those strategies to boost the results.

    3. Know Your Customers

    It means knowing your audiences; demographic, geographic, behavior traits, etc. It is called an audience or customer research. All your marketing efforts focus on enticing your clients and prospective clients. Therefore, knowing them to build a personalized marketing strategy for each social media marketing platform is necessary.

    Here are the top tips for customer research:

  • Take input from your existing customer by running a survey
  • Practice social media listening
  • Monitor analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Social media scheduling platforms, etc.
  • 4. Create a Social Media Calendar  

    You need to be very punctual about posting on social media sites. You also need to have a different strategy for a distinct social media marketing platform.

    An important part of an effective social media marketing strategy is creating a posting calendar well in advance. Also, posting at the right time to reach the audience is necessary. Some social media listening tools also provide the feature of scheduling posts in advance. It helps in assuring the posts are posted at the right time.

    5. Monitor and Improve

    In marketing nothing is permanent, then how can be your social media strategy?

    To keep getting better results, you need to monitor your strategy, performance, etc. Also, you need to continue social media listening to competitors and audiences. Identify gaps to be filled by changing the social media marketing strategy and improve results. Social media listening tools also let you measure the performance of your social media marketing campaigns, so you can improve and receive better results.

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