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 Social Media Listening and Its Importance

Social listening is one of the important metrics followed by marketers to create their strategy. This is the reason social media listening tool of different kinds are getting popular. Social media monitoring and social media listening are two different things. Thus, in this blog post, we will share what is social listening and why it is important to use it.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening, also known as social media listening, is a process of listening to the users mentioning your brand or keywords.

Difference between social media monitoring and listening is in monitoring, you only monitor engagement on your social media pages. While in social media listening, you listen to the audience as a whole and inspect what are their emotions to your brand compared to your competitors. Thus, social listening also gets connected with the word “Social media sentiments”.

Not all social media monitoring tools offer a social listening feature. Thus, it is necessary to check the features offered by that tool to save money on buying social media listening tool additionally.

Why Social Listening is Important?

Due to multiple reasons, it is vital to incorporate social listening in an overall social media strategy. Let’s share some of the major reasons to focus on social media listening:
  • You will not get to know about the comments shared by people on social media platforms, which can be a great source of feedback for your brand.
  • You will miss what your prospects or customers expect from your brand.
  • You will lose opportunities for engaging with your customers, which further results in losing opportunities for creating loyal followers.
  • Social media listening tool let you constantly monitor sentiments of targeted audiences and also let you take the required steps to make sure you maintain positive social sentiments for your brand.
  • You will miss the complaints made by your customers, which may create anger for the brand and negative publicity.
  • Social listening helps you manage the situation of crisis beforehand. Instead of letting many customers send negative comments and create a difficult to handle a PR crisis, you can quickly respond and resolve the situation with social listening tools.
  • Social media listening tool also let you listen to the social engagement of competitors. Thus, it can prove to be an amazing tool for competitor analysis. You can learn about the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors and devise a social media strategy accordingly.
  • You can listen to your targeted audiences, in general, to know what they are looking for and what kind of offerings can attract them to your brand.
  • Using the correct social media listening tool can help you connect with influencers and use influencer marketing as one of the strategies.
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Social media platforms can let you find new leads, defeat competitors, and earn the loyalty of customers. To achieve all these, you need much more than a simple social media monitoring tool. You need to focus on social media listening and take complete advantage of its power

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