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 Pro Tips to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Businesses usually have a presence on multiple social media marketing platforms. Managing multiple social accounts on different platforms is not an easy job. Often, the staff spends all their day in managing too many accounts with degrading productivity. The leading social media management service providers have shared the pro tips in a step-wise manner that can help you simplify managing multiple social media accounts and receiving better results.

Step 1: Document a Well-formed Strategy

Each vital social media marketing platform must be having a uniform message and style of your business to let you position your brand effectively. Thus, instead of posting randomly, create a well-formed social media marketing strategy and document that. Your strategy must include all of the following:

  • Style guide
  • Procedure to be followed and
  • Policies

Step 2: Use a Powerful Social Media Management Tool

The traditional way of copy pasting the same social media post on each social media marketing platform is nothing more than a waste of time. This time can be invested otherwise productively if you use a powerful and reliable social media management tool such as CloudSocial. It lets you have all your social media profiles and pages you need to manage at a single place. With a single click, the message will be posted on each social media page and profile you have.

Step 3: Document a Social Media Posting Calendar

Social media marketing is a strategic game and you have to be on top of it. Thus, make a well-defined and well-thought social media strategy and according to that post on social pages and profiles. Nowadays, social media management tools provide a social calendar facility to document your strategy in advance. Alternatively, you can use a Word Doc for that.

Step 4: Analyze Engagement on Social Media Marketing Platforms

One of the aims of various social media campaigns is increasing engagement. To encourage your fans, followers, and audiences to keep engaging with your brand, you must perform the following activities:

  • Monitor social media accounts
  • Monitor social mentions
  • Respond to the social mentions

You need to make sure the activities of different team members do not clash with each other. Thus, using a social media management tool like CloudSocial is recommended. This tool provides an automated way of monitoring social mentions as well as lets all team members work in collaboration without any clash of work.

Step 5: Monitor and Tweak the Social Media Marketing Strategy

You might have defined the best social media strategy, but it has to deliver results. You must receive more engagement and growth in numbers. If something is not working as expected, the strategy needs to be changed. Thus, you must keep monitoring and tweaking your social media marketing strategy and obtained results. Here as well a social media management tool can be very useful. You can see analytics, which will give a clear progress report to take the required actions.

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