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Organic vs Paid Social Media: How To Integrate for Better Results?

Oct 21, 2020 8:32:17 AM / by Cloudsocial Admin

Organic social media marketing is not sufficient due to changing rules and algorithms of social media platforms. For example, Facebook does not show the posts of a Facebook page on the news feed until someone has put the page into the favorite list or someone shares that post publicly. All these and many other changes have made paid social media marketing necessary to receive expected social media engagement.

Devising a social media strategy for paid and organic campaigns separately can be resource-intensive. To make it more effective and less resource-intensive you can use the best social media tools along with putting together strategies of organic and paid social marketing.

Here is the complete guide to help you amalgamate paid and organic social marketing strategies to receive better returns:

1.Paid Ads Need to Be Selective

  • For any campaign, you need to predefine goals and KPIs.
  • If your existing audience provides the required social media engagement, you do not need to run paid ads for them.
  • For general posts also paid ads should not be the choice.
  • For goal specific posts, you should run paid ads. The rest of the activities can be organic.

2.Choose the Social Media Marketing Platform(s) Carefully

  • Do not post just because everyone else is posting on social media sites. You must get something in return for the efforts or money put on social media tools and marketing. Thus, your marketing strategy needs to be carefully designed.
  • For each business type, one or more social media marketing platforms are more effective compared to the rest. Therefore, you must choose the platforms selectively.
  • You do not need to run paid ads on all social networking sites. You must run a paid campaign only on the platform, which can convert social media engagement into goal conversion.

3.Try A/B Testing With Your Strategy

  • To make the most out of your investment, you need to try new things and experiment with different things. For example, use one of the best social media tools to schedule your organic posts. Post at different time schedules and examine the results to see, which time brings the best social media engagement.
  • Design a new media post to run a paid ad campaign and run a paid ad campaign for an existing post. Compare the results to see what works better.
  • Run paid ad campaigns with different goals such as reach, lead generation, clicks, etc. and learn how it works.
  • Run organic and paid marketing campaigns on each social media platform you target to see, which platform gives the best outcome.

4.Review And Improve

  •  Modern social media tools let marketers manage all social media channels within a single platform. Moreover, it provides tools like social listening to evaluate performance.
  •  Based on social listening and other data you receive, keep fine-tuning your social media marketing strategy for organic and paid campaigns to enjoy the best results and returns.

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