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 How to Increase Organic Impressions and Engagement in Facebook?

Getting organic reach with Facebook marketing has become quite challenging because of multiple facts like:

  • Fierce competition between companies offering the same products or services
  • Too many influencers posting a whole lot of content, making the platform noisier
  • Complicated Facebook algorithms making it difficult to show up on the user timeline

Among all these challenges, using the right social media management tool and Facebook marketing strategy can help you increase your organic reach, impression, and engagement.

How to Increase Organic Impressions and Engagement for your Facebook Page or Profile?

1. Don’t Be Monotonous with Posts

  • A key to success, according to a social media management platform is, not being monotonous with your post.
  • Many marketers only post the same type of posts like images all the time or blog links. 
  • A best Facebook post scheduler blog shared that, variety in post and post format type not only increases the engagement, but also pushes posts on the Facebook timeline.
  • Use all different types of post formats such as:
    • Images
    • Gifs
    • Videos
    • Blog links
    • Facebook stories
    • 360 degree photos

2. Add Genuineness

  • Adding yet another photo to promote your product or going live on Facebook just because a social media management tool advised to do so will not give the required organic reach.
  • Add the essence of your brand and make your social media posts meaningful and genuine. 
  • As per the social media management platform, Facebook shows authentic content more often. So, if you want to increase engagement and reach organically, you need to add more genuineness to what you post.
  • Going live to show your office event or taking time to share some expert tips with professional graphics or videos can help in increasing organic reach and engagement.

3. Post At The Right Time

  • The first rule of marketing is, reach your audience at the right time. This tip you will see shared by each leading social media management tool.
  • Facebook offers a Facebook post scheduler or you can use the best social media management tool to publish a post at the right time. The tool will give more interesting and helpful options and features along with post scheduling.
  • There is no ideal time that can fit all industry verticals for posting. You can use the social media management platform to identify when you get maximum reach and that can be the best time to post. The time when your audiences engage with your posts the most is the best time to post.

4. Add Scope for Engagement 

  • You cannot increase engagement and reach until you give a chance to audiences to do that. 
  • Add some posts that can increase engagement such as:
    •   Contests
    • Polling
    • Free giveaways
    • Discounts and coupon codes
  • Do not get involved in baiting to increase likes and shares. Be genuine and interesting to increase organic reach and engagement.

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