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 How To Grow Your Linkedin Network

That LinkedIn is the #One and dominant professional networking platform is beyond doubt. But it requires a lot off diligent effort to build your network. Here are some tips, more from a personal profile point of view.

  • Build conversations & relationships
  • Follow the activity & updates of your connections, congratulate them or wish them luck as appropriate
  • Always send a personalized introductory message to your new connections, as soon as they connect with you with a brief note on why you felt it necessary to connect with that individual.
  • When sending out invitation requests, where possible, do personalize the message
  • Don't post frivolous updates of your personal life
  • Post content which is relevant to your audience
  • Keep track of how the engagement level of your posts vary depending upon type of content, day and time of posting.
  • Do contribute to conversations on posts published which are relevant to your audience
  • Publish both from your personal profile as well as from the Company page. A simple insight, some folks like buy from a brand while other like to buy from a person.

You have to be diligent. You need to earmark some fixed time to manage this activity. You need to be prompt in your response. A good way is to keep track of the notifications which LinkedIn sends you. Keep responding as they come in.

Another measure of how you are doing in building your network is the LinkedIn SSI.

It gives good insights of the profile and any number above 70 is good. To give more meaning to your SSI number it is good to compare it with another indicator - "Average SSI of people in your industry". This comparison gives more insight into your SSI number and gives good picture of where you are standing as compared to the professionals in your industry. Here it will be good to be ahead of your industry peers. If you are below, then it means you have some catching up to do. But sometimes if you are operating in multiple domains then it could be a little difficult to interpret.  

The other is the "average SSI of people in your network" - here the interpretation should be exactly opposite. If you are way ahead in ranking then probably your network is not completely relevant, unless off course you are a domain authority figure.

If your SSI rank is similar to  your network, then you are in a good place. If is lower then it means you need to focus more on increasing engagement, publish insightful posts and build relationships.
Finally building a network is the first step but nurturing it is  more complex and time consuming.

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