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 Everything You Must Know About Social Media Tools

Social media platforms have become noisy. Thus, grabbing the attention of your targeted audiences among the cutthroat competition has become a tricky job. It requires a social media marketing strategy as well as the right social media tools.

If you are trying your hands on social media marketing or expanding your skills for selecting and using social media marketing tools, then this article is for you. We will share all the important information related to available social media tools in the market.

Economical aspect

This is one of the important aspects people consider while selecting any tool. When we talk about social media tools, there are two options:

1. Free

  • This type of tool is free to use. 
  • It can give restricted access to the available features.
  • If the only free option of the social media marketing tool is available, then it will have fewer features compared to the paid tools.

2. Paid

  • The paid social media tools let you use several advanced features depending on the package you have. For example, the paid social media monitoring tools will offer more insight into the KPIs you monitor.
  • Usually, each paid tool offers multiple packages, and depending on the social media marketing tool, one can be selected.

Activities and Features

The social media tools are available to handle different social media activities as briefly explained below:

  • Competitor analysis: Similar to any marketing or business strategy, in social media marketing also competitor research is necessary. The social media monitoring tools can help in monitoring activities of competitors as well as engagement received for different activities.
  • Content creation and publishing: A successful social media marketing campaign needs attractive content like videos, graphics, blogs, etc. The content needs to be published on social media platforms at the right time to assure higher engagement.
  • Social listening: It is an amazing feature available in the best social media tools. It shares each mentioned and unmentioned reference of a brand. This helps a business brand to see the reactions of the audiences.
  • Sentiment analysis: It is another amazing feature available in the best social media monitoring tools. It can analyze the sentiment of comments, shares, and mentions of a brand. This can help in fine tuning the social media marketing strategy to leverage better returns.
  • Performance monitoring and report generation: Social media platforms offer some charts and insight on performance, but social media marketing tools can provide more detailed information and professional reports.

How to choose a social media tool?

  • The social media tools can either have some of the features as per the required activities in a social media marketing campaign or it would have all above mentioned and many more features to empower the social media marketing campaigns. 
  • It is recommended to use a social media tool that supports all features as it can give you a wider picture of your marketing activities and help you improve your performance.
  • The free social media marketing tools will not have the required features. Thus, it is highly recommended to invest in getting the best tool for your social media campaigns. 

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