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 Duct Tape Social Media Marketing

As the world went digital, social media marketing has become a vital aspect of any business. There are numerous firms and organizations out there that are promoting their brand on social media to a great extent. And then some are not at all using social media effectively. Most people do not have any idea of how to use this social media, and hence, they are unable to use it as effectively as they want.

How to Meet Business Goals using Social Media

So how could social media marketing meet your business goals? Well, foremost, you have to sketch what those goals actually are. Is it to get a certain number of new leads; is it to introduce a new product? Is it to get clients through a campaign?

If you think about those as a number of your goals, then you could decide on how we could link that then to marketing objectives. As most of the time, it is quite tough to go from introducing a new product to how does a Facebook page assists us in doing that? If you think about a few of the marketing objectives, like boosting awareness, engaging existing clients, or social selling, these are the goals that all can be attained fairly by the correct utilization of social media today.

The Significance of Content

Content is the only thing that will keep your social media strategy stick in promoting your business. No matter how many colorful pictures you post, without proper content, they are not going to last for a long time. If you start crafting appealing content, it will motivate your audience to check out your website too. Hence you should post content that is exciting and have compelling call-to-action on your social media accounts that will result in attracting more viewers.

How to Use the Duct Tape (Content) Social Media Marketing Effectively?

First, create a blog on your website with informative content. Remember that it is essential for you to advise your audience about things first and then promote your brand. So, curate interesting articles that will actually help the audience in various ways. It should have a lot of informative content (70 percent of the content should be useful, whereas the other 30 percent should be of sales and promotions).

Start promoting each blog URL on your social media platforms with catchy descriptions. It is critical for you to focus on the descriptions that you put on social media.

The Behavior of Social Media Channels and How to Use Them Effectively

There are various types of social media channels, and all of them have a different interface with a diverse audience. It is crucial for you to create a post that matches up perfectly with that set of the audience only.

Let us take an example of Instagram. Instagram is a platform where the looks of your post are going to matter a lot. It is a place for sharing images, and hence you have to make an interesting poster here. There are several graphics designing tools that you can use here.

Twitter is more content-centric, and you have to explain your description in some words only. So, it is essential for you to create a short description defining your blog here. You can link your Instagram link so that your Twitter followers can check out the poster on Instagram too. Facebook is a place where both content and picture matters more.

Approaching Social Media Differently for Business and Myself

With auto-publishing hundreds of curated posts, and making sure that you are posting them multiple times a day, Facebook has essentially said, “We don’t want that. We don’t think that creates any meaning. If you do that, we are not going to showcase your content to very many people.”

In actuality, the approach that should be used on Facebook is you should have a personal page and a business page. And both can be used as a business function for you. The personal page is more on the individual side you being the author, whereas the business page is meant to be a straight company page with a direct business approach.

Now, as far as content comes into the picture, around 30 % of the content is the continuing content, the content that is created on day to day or weekly basis. Around 25 % is curated content from other content sources, and 25 % is direct product or service promotional posts, while another 20 % are about employees, culture, and individual observations.

Other Social Media Approaches

For many companies, social media can be effective for recruiting as well. Paid social, Facebook boosts, and paid LinkedIn advertisements can help reach people and a way to know you or be familiar with your content.

Telling stories on social media is a trending way to create confidence and trust across different audiences. You can make offers interesting by offering value and creating engagement rather than following a direct sales approach. This is a very rightful way of utilizing social media channels. Doing activities once somebody purchases from you, such as creating a social media video and just telling we truly are grateful for working with you, can assist in generating repeat business.

Building a Facebook group of your clients, and creating something exclusively for them can help. Then from a promotional viewpoint, the best thing is most of your employees are on social media so you can utilize their networks, to help in recruiting and creating marketing campaigns through them.

If you think about social media approaches not as just a sales channel that gives you a targeted audience but for your very explicit marketing goals, and then meeting definite objectives all through the client journey, you can extend a strategy that makes great sense.

Moving Forward

These scenarios are the reasons why the content and innovative social media approaches are playing a crucial role here. You have to be very careful about the content marketing strategies that you have in hand and ensure that they are enduring by all the social media guidelines for your business.

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