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 Do Third Party Social Media Management Tools Hurt Results?

Jan 30, 2021 5:51:18 AM / by Cloudsocial Admin

In the market, there are hundreds of social media management tools available, out of which, some of them are really prominent to be used as a social media marketing and management tool. However, there is a question, which puts many marketers in a dilemma, which is: Does the use of social media management tools hurt results?

At the end of this blog, you will not only get the answer to this question, but you will also learn some important facts related to 3rd party social media marketing platforms.

The direct and crisp answer to this question is, “No, use of social media tools for posting and result monitoring doesn’t affect the reach or any other KPIs”.

Let’s delve deeper based on the result shared by a leading social media marketing and monitoring tool.

1.Effect of Third Party Tool on Reach and Engagement

  • Whether you post using one of the social media management tools or you post directly, it does not impact how a post performs.
  • On the other hand, the third party tools help in ensuring that the posts go live on each social media marketing platform at the right time as per the schedule when users are more likely to engage with the post content. This helps in, indeed, increasing reach and engagement with the post.
  • As per the experts, the type, quality, and creativity of the content make the difference than the tool or platform used to post the social media content.
  • The results shown in the analytics of social networking sites and reports of social media management tools show the same value with a negligible difference.

2.Effect of Third Party Tool on Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Third party tools let marketing managers to not only post on different social networking sites with a single click, but they also let managers take advantage of insightful data. Social media management tools let marketing managers take advantage of social listening in real time. This is not possible if the manager uses the traditional social media marketing platform.
  • The third party tools also provide insightful information related to reach, engagement, demographics, etc. for each post, which is unavailable with so much valuable insight while using the social networking site and its analytics.
  • The insights and performance KPIs help in defining a better strategy. A better strategy contributes to better reach and performance than harming it.

3.Effect of Third Party Tool on Productivity

  • With a single click, content can be posted on all four-five social networking sites while managers use third party social media tools unlike individual posting on social media sites. The social media management tools also support post scheduling at the fingertips.
  • The automation in posting and scheduling helps in saving a lot of time of marketing managers. This increases productivity and ultimately creativity to increase reach and engagement.

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