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 Complete Guide on Facebook Business Page Creation

A Facebook business page is like your own branded place on Facebook that can be used to promote your serviced and products. A Facebook business page provides several marketing benefits that are not available in the personal profile or a Facebook account created for business. Facebook and major social media scheduling tools recommend having a page over profile for better marketing.

If you are not aware of the steps of creating a Facebook business page, do not worry. Here is a step-wise guide to create and optimize a business page on Facebook. Once the page is created, you can use a Facebook post scheduler to post at the right time and reach massive audiences.

1. Create a Facebook account

  • The first step is to have a Facebook account. 
  • If you already have a Facebook account, you can skip this step.
  • Simply open
  • Click on sign up.
  • Add all genuine details.
  • Click on the verification link sent to your registered email address.
  • Your Facebook account is created.

2. Create a Facebook page

  • Before using a Facebook post scheduler for marketing, you need to create a Facebook business page. It is also necessary to take advantage of the Facebook advertising along with social media scheduling.
  • Click or click on the dotted button beside your profile name on the top right side after login into your Facebook ID. Click on the “Page” option in the menu.
  • This will open a dialogue box. Enter the following information in the left side fields of creating page form:
    • Page name
    • Category (Minimum 1, Maximum 3)
    • Description (Maximum 255 characters)
  • Once you fill in all this information, the “Create Page” button will be enabled. Click on that button and your page will be created.

3. Add graphics

  • To receive a better engagement from your social media scheduling efforts, you need to have a page with captivating images.
  • A Facebook business page will have a cover photo (1640 x 856 pixels) and a display/ profile picture (170 x 170 pixels).
  • Click on “Add Profile Picture” and choose the profile picture from your local system.
  • Similarly, add a cover image by selecting from your local system.

4. Add additional information

  • When you will start posting using a Facebook post scheduler, people will start coming to your page and engage with the posts. 
  • You can also drive the audience from your Facebook business page to your website or lead them to initiate a call or start a WhatsApp conversation. To encourage the Facebook page audience to take any of these steps you will need to add legitimate information about your business to your Facebook page.
  • Click on “Edit Page Info” from the “Manage Page” menu on the left side.
  • Scrolling down on the screen, you can add the contact information of your business, plus, other information such as long description, working hours, etc.
  • You can also create your username to get the brand identity and page handle from this page only. 
With these four simple steps, you can not only create, but also optimize your Facebook business page. The next step is to use Facebook post scheduler and take advantage of social media scheduling.

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