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 Cloud Social Introducing Instagram Direct Publishing

Unlike Facebook, Instagram did not allow third party social media scheduling earlier. It means the users either need to post directly on Instagram or had to face certain challenges related to scheduling.
Finally, Instagram has accepted the worth of posting at the right time to increase engagement and for that social media scheduling is necessary. To support this demand, Instagram has rolled out a new update related to the third party Instagram direct scheduling.

Cloud Social is one of the best social media management tools that acted fast to use this new Instagram update in favour of their customers. Cloud social introduces an Instagram direct publishing feature.

What is an Instagram Direct Publishing Feature Offered by Cloud Social?

  • Using your Cloud Social account, you can directly post to your Instagram account.
  • Also, this feature allows Instagram direct scheduling. This will help you post at the right time to reach more targeted audiences.
  • Right now, this feature is available for business account users of Instagram. Therefore, if you are not using the business Instagram account, then you must switch to it. It is free to switch from a personal to a business account. You can go to your setting section and make a switch to take advantage of social media scheduling.

How to use an Instagram Direct Publishing Feature Offered by Cloud Social?

  • Login to your Cloud Social account using authorized credentials.
  • In the navigation of integrating social media accounts, you will find an option of setting up the “Instagram direct publishing” option. Click on Account and then click on Brand Creation.
  • Follow the prompts given by the Cloud Social platform to configure your Instagram account to use Instagram direct scheduling and publishing.
  • Once the process is completed, you can use Cloud Social platform to schedule and post on Instagram similar to other social media profile scheduling available on this platform.
  • To post on Instagram using Cloud Social, you need to simply upload a picture or a video and post it. Please note that, you cannot post on Instagram without a picture or a video. Thus, you will need a minimum of one and a maximum of ten pictures to post on Instagram. This rule applies even when you post directly on Instagram without using any of the social media management tools.
  • You can use the Instagram direct publishing feature of Cloud Social to schedule the post with future time and date. Here also, you will need one or more pictures or videos to schedule your post.
  • You will see the preview of your Instagram post before it gets scheduled or posted, so you can edit the post if needed.
  • Adding caption or punchline and hashtags is optional on Instagram. Thus, you can post or schedule your Instagram post using this social media scheduling tool without caption and hashtags. But, as per the recommendation given by Instagram marketing experts, adding punchlines and relevant hashtags can give better reach and engagement.

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