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 Cloud Social Introducing Google My Business Post Scheduler

A majority of social media management tools support the integration of major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. However, they miss out on the most important platform, which not only helps in the brand building, but also in lead generation. It is Google My Business (GMB). A very few people know GMB supports posting for businesses. Therefore, having GMB support in your social media scheduling tools is necessary.

We, Cloud Social, know the worth of posting on GMB. Thus, we are introducing GMB post scheduler in our social media tool.

How Google My Business Post Scheduler of Cloud Social Helps Businesses? 

1. Excellent for local targeting

  • Google My Business page is excellent for targeting local customers and businesses.
  • Social media marketing on your GMB page using Cloud Social’s GMB Post scheduler will not only help you increase brand awareness, but it can also help in increasing local presence.
  • Our one of the leading social media management tools will help you reach the local audiences and increase benefits from local marketing.
  • It is not just a social media scheduler tool, but it is also a social media management tool. It lets you target the audiences and customers. It means along with using it as one of the leading social media scheduling tools, you can also use it for audience targeting to generate leads.

2. Advanced features to take maximum advantages 

The GMB post scheduler offered by Cloud Social has some amazing features. These features can help you leverage maximum advantages and returns. 
  • Schedule posts using this one of the leading social media scheduling tools lets you schedule posts based on your audience availability. For example, if your customers are likely to stay online during Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, you can schedule accordingly.
  • It lets you share different categories of posts such as:
    • COVID 19 related update
    • New offer
    • Promotional post
    • Walk-in interview
    • And more
  • It is one of those social media management tools that let you upload pictures and videos. The size of the video and pictures must match with the allowed size by Google My Business.
  • The recurring post feature of Cloud Social’s Google My Business Post scheduler tool lets you schedule posts in advance to make sure even in case of the marketer’s unavailability, you can reach out to your audiences.
  • By using this one of the advanced social media scheduling tools, you can drive leads to your business and traffic to your website. It lets you add any call to action button in the post out of the following:
    • Buy
    • Sign Up
    • Learn More
    • Order Online
    • Book
    • And More

3. Retargeting for better reach, engagement, and leads

  • The GMB post scheduler of Cloud Social also lets you retarget the customers and users. 
  • You can select accounts of your customers to run a remarketing aka retargeting campaign. 
  • This feature can be used for posting or scheduling. It is amazing to help you retarget the customers for cross selling or upselling. 


From brand awareness to lead generation, there is much you can do with the GMB post scheduler feature of Cloud Social. Get in touch with us for more details.

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