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 Brand Monitoring and Its Importance

 Dec 25, 2020 1:57:32 AM / by Cloudsocial Admin

According to a statistic shared by one of the social media monitoring tools, only 9% of people tag the brand. It means 91% of mentions go unnoticed and unaddressed. This can cause an impact on the brand’s value and position. This must have cleared the importance of brand monitoring, but to make it clearer, we will share more information related to brand monitoring and its importance.

What is Brand Monitoring?

  • Brand monitoring means keeping an eye on each mention of your brand.

  • Along with social media listening, it also includes monitoring other channels for the brand mentions.

Here, the brand mentions can be tagged or untagged and still need to be monitored.

There are some social media monitoring tools, which let you monitor the brand mentioned on different channels using a single platform.

1.Why Brand Monitoring is Important?

There are many reasons to monitor the business brand across popular channels. Let’s explore some most important reasons to perform brand monitoring:

1.For Online Reputation Management

  • Retaining existing customers can give you better business compared to the cost you need to invest in finding new clients. For that, managing a positive online brand is necessary.
  • Many people use social networking sites to throw their anger in regard to their experience with a brand. If you perform social media listening as part of brand monitoring, you can listen to these issues and concerns.
  • Taking quick action to deliver a great customer experience can help you manage a stronger and a better online brand.
  • If you do not use social media monitoring tools and don’t respond to these negative comments and reviews, then they would cause major damages to the brand.

2.To Recognize Customers’ Emotions

  • Along with managing online reputation, you can also do many other things from the constant brand monitoring activity.
  • One of the important activities, one should do is analyze the common emotions of consumers towards the brand. The technical term for this process is sentiment analysis.
  • Social media monitoring tools automate sentiment analysis tasks. These tools scan all comments and reviews shared by people and show the overall sentiment of consumers for your brand.
  • By identifying what your customers like and what they dislike, you can create a better* product as well as run marketing campaigns that give much better returns.

3.To Perform Competitor Research

  • You can also monitor your competitors by using social media monitoring tools.
  • This will help you identify the issues in the offerings of your competitors. These facts can be used to run targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Competitor monitoring using social media listening and other activities related to brand monitoring will give insightful data. This data can be used to enhance the offerings and improve the results.

Brand monitoring is important, but you must remember that only monitoring your brand is not enough. You need to take action as well. Leverage the power of this tool and come up as a brand that everyone loves.

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