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 Best Social Media Management Tools for Agencies

Social media management is often considered a tough job. However, leading social media management tools like Cloud Social have made social media management a cakewalk for agencies. 
In this blog, we will share how these tools empower social media agencies to simplify this complex task of managing multiple social media platforms and marketing strategies.

1. Audience Targeting to Boost Engagement

  • Tools like Cloud Social give features for audience targeting. 
  • Audience targeting is a strategy to reach out to the targeted audience at the right time, so engagement can be boosted.
  • Social media scheduler can help in taking advantage of audience targeting strategy.
  • Social media management tools like CloudSocial lets agencies schedule posts with different time zones, so they can reach their targeted audience as per the time zone of the targeted audience.

2. Automation to Improve Productivity

  • Only the best social media management tools offer automation and one of them is Cloud Social.
  • Automation makes sure that recurring tasks are automated, so marketing managers of agencies can focus on other tasks such as social media scheduling for unique posts.
  • One can also set the frequency for repetitive task automation for annual, monthly, or weekly recurrence. 

3. Collaboration for Teamwork

  • The social media management tools offer collaborative features. For example, Cloud Social offers a Collaborative Workforce.
  • These collaborative tools get designed to offer a single platform on which all team members and even customers can work in collaboration.
  • Agencies can take approval for the posts or responses from their customers using the same tool. Therefore, instead of using one tool for taking approval and another as a social media post scheduler, a single tool is sufficient.

4. Social Media Management at its Best

  • Social media marketing is not only about posting on social media sites. It is also about maintaining a positive user experience. 
  • Social media management tools offer multiple features to make sure agencies maintain a positive user experience and build a stronger fan base.
  • All social media platforms and DMs, comments, replies, tweets, mentions, etc. can be managed using the same tool.
  • Responses can also be sent using social media management tools. 
  • The best tools like Cloud Social also offer message filters, labels, and other features to assure messages can be managed in an easy to review manner. The responses will be shown chronically.

5. Analysis to Build an Effective Strategy

  • Along with a reliable social media post scheduler, the tools will also offer features to review the various factors to devise an informed marketing strategy.
  • Sentiment analysis is one of the best features available in tools like Cloud Social. The Cloud Social gives nine sentiment points along with a timeline graph and a heat map. 
  • Social listening is another feature, which lets agencies focus on each mention even when the brand is not tagged. This tool can be used to listen to audience reactions.
  • The social media management tools can aid in devising a winning marketing plan.

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