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 Alternative to Hootsuite, Sprout And Agorapulse to Manage your Social Media

You are on our blog page as you are highly interested in CloudSocial, and that is amazing! Although Hootsuite, Sprout and Agorapulse are all-in-one social media handling tools, we would like to make stuff simpler, effective, and more productive through CloudSocial.

To commence, here is “CloudSocial vs. Hootsuite vs. Sprout vs. Agorapulse,” making your search for social media management tools easier

Moving forward - CloudSocial offers multiple publishing options in one exclusive tool.

Your social media strategies and tactics depend on your content being published at just the spot on time – or precise times. Our series of publishing preferences make it effortless for you to publish content for the utmost ROI compared to other similar tools. Below are some of the crucial publishing options you get with our tool - CloudSocial.

  • Posting Rich Media Content
  • Bulk Media Upload
  • Tagging
  • Recall Post
  • Recurrence
  • Global Time Zone Selection
  • Audience Targeting
  • Calendar
  • Instant-Alerts via Email
  • Create Content Instantly with Crello
  • Facebook Ad Managers Integrated
  • URL Shortener

CloudSocial Omnibox functionality is innovative and more useful than other platforms
Can you imagine a social media management tool that assists you to collate and respond to post engagements across numerous channels right from a unified inbox?

CloudSocial, with its innovative social channel inbox, makes these activities possible, which cannot be matched by other similar tools. You can also handle team-based efforts, respond to different comments from a unified messenger box, and set-up required filters to track explicit posts quite quickly.

ORM - Omnibox and Respond features include:

  • Omni Social Channel Inbox
  • Quickly Respond with Status – Close, Soft Close, In Progress, Ignore
  • In Mention Keyword Search
  • Filters – Date Range, Respond Status, Social Channel
  • Sorting by Date
  • Export to CSV, PDF
  • Share via Email
  • Sentiment Tagging

CloudSocial’s smart algorithms make your social activities more brand-specific

Monitoring with CloudSocial allows you to be notified and alerted to competitors’ social activities as well as discovers new social trends, hashtags, and influencers. Thus, with unique and dynamic algorithms, it helps you to reach out to wider audiences.

Below are some of its key features:

  • Sniff Social Channels for Keywords, Phrases, #Hashtags
  • Filter Mentions by Date Range, Media Type, Social Channel
  • In-mention Search

CloudSocial can now help you create a tailored analytics dashboard. Reporting outcomes are always a bother. But, imagine viewing all your social performance on a cohesive sight.

View performance metrics, measure with your competitors, and enable sentiment analysis right through CloudSocial. With agency plans, you can even generate a tailored analytics dashboard.

So, with a unified dashboard, CloudSocial enables different social channel reports, analytics, and sentiment analysis more effectively when matched to other similar tools.

CloudSocial help facilitate customer relations through sentiment analysis

Customer relationships are steered by emotions, which also impact your business in many ways.

CloudSocial’s proprietary algorithms analyse incoming mentions from your social channels. The output of this is displayed in sentiment analysis section. It graphically displays the output through a three point scale, a heat map, tag cloud, a nine way classification scale and a timeline graph allowing you to deep dive and gain the right insights . 

CloudSocial enables you to push the content to the right people

CloudSocial assists with audience targeting by segmenting your target audience based on demographic features for select social channels. By doing this, the tool helps promote specific content fruitfully to the right people.

Our customer support is spot on and lends a hand to users whenever needed

We all require assistance - whether you are fresh user learning a tool or an experienced user who needs to know more about what new a software tool is offering. And with CloudSocial, we are here to support any category of a user as they are valuable for us. 

CloudSocial is quite affordable 

Compared to Hootsuite, Sprout, Agorapulse, and Zoho, CloudSocial is a more flexible and scalable social media management tool that starts just at Rs. 1200/month. Further, you can commit for a year and get 20 percent off! 

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