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 5 Ways To Scale Social Media Strategy for Better Growth

Millions of brands are sharing tons of content on social media platforms. Simple posting might make your business brand lost among many other social brands. Therefore, scaling up your social media strategy has become inevitable. In this blog post, we will share to devise an upgraded social media strategy, so you can increase brand reach, engagement, and other KPIs.

1. Social Media Listening is a Must

  • Social media listening, also known as social listening is a process of tracking each mention of your business name, product name, targeted keywords, etc. on social networking sites.
  • All social media platforms offer standard analytics. However, there is no option for social listening. You will need to use social media management tools for the same.
  •  Along with listening to your brand, also listen to the major mentions of your competitors to learn what is working for your key competitors.

2. Be Creative with Social Media Posts

  •  Every other brand is posting on social media platforms, which have made these platforms noisy. Therefore, the focus should be grabbing attention over posting mechanically.
  •  Use the information you collected from social media listening to define a strategy of social media posts.
  •  As a rule of thumb, add creativity in the posts.
  •  Use rich media in posts such as
    •  Videos
    • Infographic
    •  GIF
    • Video testimonial
    •  And more

3. Proactive Approach is Necessary

Nowadays, the competition is really high. Therefore, it is necessary to be proactive with your efforts everywhere. Social media platforms are often used by people to raise a concern or ask a question. Your competitors might also be using social media listening to grab the attention of these customers. Therefore, you must have a proactive approach. Follow these tips:

  •  Add a social media chatbot to greet or direct the person sending a direct message when you are not available.
  • Always post as per the schedule. You can use social media management tools for this.
  • Respond to each comment and direct message as soon as possible.

4. Do Not Ignore Paid Ads 

Without paid ads, you have minimum chances to reach more people who might be interested in your offerings or become your brand advocates. Moreover, platforms like Facebook have stopped generously showing business page content in users’ news feed. Therefore, invest in paid ads. According to a fact shared by one of the renowned social media management tools, paid ads can give a boost to the:

  •  Number of fans and followers
  •  Brand engagement
  •  Brand reach
  •  Brand mentions
  • Leads and
  •  Sales

5. Engagement should be the major KPI

All best social media management tools recommend focusing on engagement instead of the number of likes or reach. Your brand should have more comments, mentions, direct messages, post shares, etc. To increase engagement, follow these tips:

  • Constantly invest time in social media listening
  •  Keep fine tuning and upgrading your social media strategy
  •  Run social media campaigns of a quiz, competition, survey, game, etc.
  •  Run discount campaigns
  •  Use influencer marketing

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