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 5 Quick Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is one of the important key performance indicators to be measured. Increasing engagement is often considered a tough job by social media marketers, but this blog post makes this tough job easy for you. Read on to know how to increase social media engagement.

1. Stay Creative with your Social Media Posts 

According to the top social media marketing tools, social media users are exposed to a lot of content. To grab their attention and to encourage them to engage with your social pages and profiles, you need to be creative with your social media posts. Here are some tips to add creativity in your social media posts:

  • According to one of a top social media marketing platform, using emoticons in social media posts increase engagement by 138%. A single emoticon increases engagement by 25%.
  • Be innovative with hashtags. Use creative words for hashtags and encourage your audiences to use those hashtags.
  • Keep social media posts short and crisp. People do not have a lot of time to read long posts. Therefore, using punchlines and short yet effective content for your posts is a wise move.
  • Do not post just links. Post graphics, videos, infographics, etc.

2. Social Listening Can Help Increase Engagement 

Advancement in technologies has invented different social media marketing tools, which offer different features. Social listening is one of the most amazing features available in the top social media marketing platforms. Some of the benefits of social listening are listed below:

  • Know what people talk about your business and offerings
  • Know what people talk about your competitors
  • Know what trends and work well in your industry

3. Interact with Audiences 

Social media engagement might not come instantly or automatically until and unless you are a big known brand like Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. To increase engagement small brands or enterprises need to encourage users to engage with your brand. Here are some of the tips to increase engagement by interacting with them:

  • Share testimonials of your customers and tag your clients on those posts.
  • Post pictures of your team members and tag them
  • Respond to all comments you receive.

4. Run Engaging Social Media Campaigns

Simple social media marketing campaigns are not enough; you need to give a reason to your audiences to engage with your social pages. According to the best social media marketing platform, here are some of the campaign types, which increase engagement by 500%:

  • Giveaway
  • Contests
  • Poll
  • Survey

5. Go Live and Use the Story Feature

Almost all social media platforms have started giving story feature. Even LinkedIn has recently launched the story feature with custom stickers in some areas. Stories often get more reach and awareness as well. Similar to stories, “Go Live” is also one of the features available in a majority of social media platforms. When you go live, it sends a notification to all followers. This also increases engagement.

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