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A Complete Social Media Marketing Guide for Startup

 Feb 22, 2021 7:22:14 AM / by Cloudsocial Admin

Startups often ignore marketing because of the compressed budget. However, startups can perform some digital marketing activities themselves without taking the help of marketing agencies. Social media marketing is one of the activities that any startup can use to leverage excellent benefits. Of course, the right strategy and tools would be needed to incur the best returns.

To help you define a winning strategy and choose the right social media management tools, we are going to share the top tips.

1.Select the Right Social Networking Sites for Marketing

  • Impersonate your audience
    • Ask the questions that your buyers might be asking to find the right social networking platforms for marketing.
    • If you are selling beauty products, it is more likely that people are looking for your products on YouTube How-to videos
    • If you are selling software or technical services, then your customers must be interested in reading articles explaining how your software can benefit their business on sites like LinkedIn
  • Impersonate your audience
    • This is the best way to identify the right social media platform for your startup. See where your competitors are spending most of their time and money.
    • Check which platform gives the most engagement to your competitors.

    2.Detailed Research on Competitors

    • Being a startup, you might not want to spend a lot of time experimenting. Your competitors must have already gone through A/B testing campaigns. Invest time in researching competitors.
    • Using the best social media management tools, which let you perform social media scheduling will also let you perform better competitor research. From real time social listening to identifying the best performing posts of unknown competitors, you can do many things.

    3.Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

    • Once you complete competitor research using your social media management tools, you should devise a plan.
    • The thumb rule is 80/20. It means 80% of posts should be informative and 20% of them can be promotional.
    • Create a complete social media calendar, so you know which post will go on which date.
    • Posting at the right time is necessary, so use social media scheduling. Scheduling posts in advance assures you do not miss posting at the right time for any reason.

    4.Social Listening is Necessary to Engage the Audience

    •  For any startup company, the number one challenge is to increase reach and engagement. Once your loyal fan base is built, then converting goals will be easier and simpler.
    • Social media management tools also offer social listening features. The social listening feature notifies you of each mention of your brand on social media platforms, even when your company page is not tagged in the post or comment. This will help you revert to each comment and post.

    5.Keep Monitoring and Fine-Tuning

    • The final tip is to keep monitoring how your marketing campaigns are performing and what new your competitors are doing.
    • Keep fine tuning your marketing campaign to enhance the results.

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